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I was born and grew up in Japan  for  over the first  two decades of  my life where my culture and aesthetic  value were well established . I have many memories of wood and clay around me while I was growing up  because of my father , cabinet maker and my grand father,  traditional Japanese roof tile producer. 

Ever since I was a child my interests were always inclined to music and  the art field yet it was so many years later that  I encountered   ceramic  work again.  In college I serendipitously came across the ceramic department on campus and was quite  intrigued by watching students working in clay . I immediately signed up for class  the following quarter and during the first class meeting I was immensely overwhelmed by the feeling and excitement of creating some objects out  of  my own hands with  just an idea and playful mind. It did not take much time to change my mind to go into the art field not knowing what the future would hold.

Several  years after finishing my studies at college  I established  my own studio and started creating my work. It has been nearly 4 decades since this journey started. Although  there have always been struggles , frustration ,  experiencing terrible results  that occur during  the firing process, and many more  not to mention .  Joy and excitement and seeing  something  new being created  can not be replaced by anything . I will  be pursuing  my work as long as I am excited  by the creative process and AS LONG AS my body allows .

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